Spring Shoe Trends in 2022

Spring Shoe Trends in 2022

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Have you checked out all the fun bright bold colorways by different brands for this year's spring? We are also going to talk about the futuristic turn that most shoes are going .. Read More
Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking - National Walking Day

Yes, that’s a thing, Google Calendar and Google will tell you. The first time I heard of this I thought it was a first world holiday and it is! But as it turns out everyone appreciates a good walk. Walks for me are therapeutic, especially when I am alone and I am intentional about what is blasting in my AirPods or dare I say headphones? How often do you go for walks to be alone in your thoughts? ... Read More.
Men's Foot Care

How to Keep your Feet Looking Fresh

Hey there folks! How has your week been? Let's start with a very simple question: when you go to someone’s house do you take off your shoes or leave them on? Or when people come into your house do you ask them to take off their shoes? In line with that answer, today’s blog post is around foot care and foot health ... Read More
Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day

Canada is one of the biggest homes to immigrants and people from various cultures and backgrounds. A literal melting pot; the amount of people you can meet from various backgrounds is amazing. This is displayed through the different Canadian cultures and lifestyles. ...Read More.
Men's Socks

How to Achieve Longevity with your Socks

Have you become more organized in 2022 with your socks ?  If not, we have a couple tips and tricks for you. This would start by pairing up your socks when you do your laundry ( if you do your laundry) and making sure you have the left and right matching pair. That’s easy, right .. Read More

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, or happy MLK day.  The name Martin Luther King Jr. is a name that resonates with a lot of people across the world and is a name that is of huge significance to the black community in America .. READ MORE.
January 17, 2022 — Fred Anyona
Men's Socks

3 Ways To Style Our Classic Socks

On average every guy has 3 go-to looks and outfits, these are: dressed up, casual and anything in between. Most guys have the go-to black suit, the denim pants that they rock when they are not wearing the suit and potentially the chinos they have neatly folded away in their dresser ... Read More
Men's Socks

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Our Christmas collection is here and we know it's the perfect Christmas gift for your friends, colleagues, or loved ones.  We are more excited than we choose to say and it is pretty much what you envision Christmas to be; bold, joyous and full of cheer.  We have a great selection for every gentleman and lady out there who appreciates holiday themed socks ... Read More
Men's Socks

Why Are Socks The Easiest Gift To Give At Christmas ?

You know those people who have already started Christmas shopping claim to be on top of things and want to avoid the chaotic mess that is the malls during the holiday season. I think it's a hoax, they just want to be overly-prepared .. Read More
Men's Socks

Christmas Style Guide - Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yes! It is Christmas season, once the Halloween decorations come down the Christmas decorations come up! Have you been to the mall and seen the bright and bold Christmas trees. I know you might think it is way too soon, but it is never too soon. ... Read More
Men's Socks

Treat Your Feet To Some Luxury With Velvet & White Socks

Socks are great accessories to have and as we have constantly said, “you can never have enough socks” Having said that, we are more focused on quality and the longevity of our socks. When we talk about quality, we are referring to the fabric we use, the time we take in designing and approving the socks before they get to your feet. ... Read More
Men's Socks

Unspoken Rules To Follow When Pairing Socks With Your Wardrobe

Here are some (unspoken) rules to follow when pairing socks with your wardrobe. I know it is super easy to think that you can wear anything with a pair of socks, and that is true, but would you do that effectively? Alright let’s get into it ... Read More.