Men's Socks

On average every guy has 3 go-to looks and outfits, these are: dressed up, casual and anything in between. Most guys have the go-to black suit, the denim pants that they rock when they are not wearing the suit and potentially the chinos they have neatly folded away in their dresser.

Our classic socks are perfect for these looks and outfits. If you are a dressy kind of guy, you know you have a couple pairs of dress shoes, some moccasins maybe a pair of loafers, you can rock the Port Paisley and have that compliment your tie or neck scarf.

For a more casual look, you know you have a couple pairs of Paige jeans, or you are not afraid to be more relaxed, you can style the Late Night Leopard with a pair of suede plimsolls.

For the guy in between, you can definitely try rocking the Blue Camo, pair that with a pair of blue Chinos and a statement piece to add character.

At Velvet and White we pride ourselves in the pieces we have. We believe that each and every guy or girl can find what they are looking for and so much more.

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