Velvet & White

A Different Sort of Fashion House

Attention to Detail

If shoes make the wearer, then surely cleverly-designed socks are the sartorial accoutrement that makes them imminently more interesting; the kind of person with whom perfect strangers are tempted to pull up a chair and share conversation over a well-built cocktail.

We produce socks of exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable style. At least that explains what we do.

But our calling is to explore life alongside those who trust us to help express their personal style. Accompanying them on that journey is what matters most.

Our role is to collaborate and fuel their passion for creativity and intriguing dialogue. We craft a handmade product that caters to their unyielding desire to add flare into their wardrobe.

Serving the fashion-forward

We cater to the curious, those who curate their wardrobe as they might select the art on their walls, the destinations they frequent or the company they keep. Capturing their personality is more art than science, but it skirts both worlds.

They look for opportunities everywhere, to connect and to share. They value people and experiences above all else, but there are some possessions they simply can’t live without.

A Brand for All

Our socks should be enjoyed by everyone. Whom you love, where you work, the house in which you worship, the card in your wallet or the country from where you came — these are details to share, but not ones that will shape our opinion.

The Velvet & White devotee

We rub elbows with a collective of movers and shakers, innovators and entrepreneurs, rebels and rogues, thinkers and doers, lovers and activists, friends to the world and family to those they love most. They stand apart while seamlessly fitting in.

They are bespoke and tailored while managing to make ruffled and unfussed appear runway chic. They look to the past for timeless inspiration while marching forward in progress. Their mantra: set trends, don’t follow.

We cater to their dynamic needs with an eclectic range of styles that allow them to perfectly express who they are and who they aspire to be.

We cater to their dynamic needs with an eclectic range of styles that allow them to perfectly express who they are and who they aspire to be.

Our Mission

While there is comfort in familiarity, we intend for our company to be different. We are lovers of the eclectic and see value in extraordinary perspectives. To exclude would mean closing our minds to interesting ideas shared by new friends and old.

We believe in giving more than we take. We will always work with and serve the communities that we touch, along with the many others who may need our help. Supporting causes of all kinds is a passion at the very heart of our company. So, too, is acting in an ethical and responsible manner. And that means paying continual respect to our planet.

Our Vision

So, what is Velvet & White? We’re the brand for people who prefer to step out in style. We make socks for those who make an unforgettable impression, but leave their mark with clever subtlety. We’re a home for the fashion-conscious who understand that discrete details are what give electric personalities a feeling of pride and an undeniable allure.

Velvet & White—Iconic every step of the way