Luxury socks crafted with love and care

Velvet & White is the brand for people who prefer to step out in style. We make socks for those inclined to make an unforgettable impression, but with clever subtlety.

Crafting luxury socks

We’re a home for the fashion-conscious who understand that discrete details are what give electric personalities a feeling of pride and an undeniable allure.

Whether producing knitwear of cotton, wool, cashmere or the most innovative performance materials, our focus is on providing a wearable experience of comfort and softness that lasts.

Quality and Performance

Quality stands above all else. Our socks are designed to make a statement and remind the wearer that a contented foot is the foundation of happiness.


We believe in giving more than we take. We will always work with and serve the communities that we touch, along with the many others who may need our help.

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A different sort of fashion house

We serve the fashion-forward; the ones who curate their wardrobe as they might select the art on their walls, the destinations they frequent or the company they keep.

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