Men's Socks

Our Christmas collection is here and we know it's the perfect Christmas gift for your friends, colleagues, or loved ones.  We are more excited than we choose to say and it is pretty much what you envision Christmas to be; bold, joyous and full of cheer.  We have a great selection for every gentleman and lady out there who appreciates holiday themed socks.

Apart from our Christmas being a great gift idea, our socks are a great conversation piece when you are trying to avoid that awkward tension at the Christmas table. Have you had the chance to have a look at the options? What are your thoughts? Are they holiday appropriate? 

We have 5 pairs of socks, do you think they represent your personality?

Dapper Dasher

Bold but still very in tune with tradition and the simple things in life. This is a “vodka on the rocks kind of guy”. Typically goes to spend Christmas with the family, wrap gifts and helps with the tree decoration.

Christmas Lights

This is for the person that likes to play it safe but still knows that he is playing. He is also very particular about detail and specifics.

Kool Kringle

This is for the guy who is not afraid to be the center of attention, and move the room. He is the guys who enjoys a lot of Christmas parties.

Crystal Cool Snowflakes

This is for the classic person. As classic as a snowflake would be for Christmas, this is on brand and point. This is for the person that enjoys staying in the line and is a fan of sticking to the script.

Night Before Christmas

This is one of those themed socks that are perfect for the season. It has a lot of character just as the person who would most likely wear it.

These personas might be true or false, but have a look at our Dear Santa collection and see what all the excitement is about!!!

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