Men's Socks

You know those people who have already started Christmas shopping claim to be on top of things and want to avoid the chaotic mess that is the malls during the holiday season. I think it's a hoax, they just want to be overly-prepared. 

Gift giving is one of those things that people go the extra mile about. Because this says a lot about the relationship you have with your friends and family that you are gifting. It could also mean that you think of them. Socks are one of the easiest gifts to give, read on to know why.

Socks are pretty easy to find! You can literally walk into a mall and BOOM! socks on your face, left right and centre. Other than that, socks are pretty universal. Everyone in the world has to wear socks at one point in their lives. Unless you live in Cancun and live by the beach, and if that is the case we are extremely jealous. For us average Joes and Jills , socks are that everyday thing. 

When gift giving I like giving gifts that people will use, I want them to bend and wear a sock and think., “ Fred gave me this pair, I haven’t called him back” see my drift. Make them remember you people. That’s my philosophy. 

The good thing about socks is that you can match them with personality. Yeah, remember that post about socks and what they say about you, if you can’t remember click here. You can easily find a pair of socks that represents the other person. It can be fun, simple and as ecstatic as you want it to be. Alternatively you can go the Christmas sock route and get into the holiday spirit. We do have a couple Christmas options that you can check out on our website. 

Socks are also relatively cheaper, let’s be honest. You can save a couple hundred dollars if you go the sock route and no one will look at you sideways if you decide to. You were still being thoughtful and decided to get a gift. 

A gift is a gift, but don’t just go for a gift card, go for socks. Show you care about your friends and family feet. 

Remember to check out our website to see the collections and pieces we have as well as for any exclusive deals we might have. 

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