Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking - National Walking Day

Yes, that’s a thing, Google Calendar and Google will tell you. The first time I heard of this I thought it was a first world holiday and it is! But as it turns out everyone appreciates a good walk. Walks for me are therapeutic, especially when I am alone and I am intentional about what is blasting in my AirPods or dare I say headphones? How often do you go for walks to be alone in your thoughts? ... Read More.
Men's Foot Care

How to Keep your Feet Looking Fresh

Hey there folks! How has your week been? Let's start with a very simple question: when you go to someone’s house do you take off your shoes or leave them on? Or when people come into your house do you ask them to take off their shoes? In line with that answer, today’s blog post is around foot care and foot health ... Read More