Men's Socks

Happy Groundhog Day!

Have you become more organized in 2022 with your socks ?  If not, we have a couple tips and tricks for you. This would start by pairing up your socks when you do your laundry ( if you do your laundry) and making sure you have the left and right matching pair. That’s easy, right. 

A lot of us tend to pair them up and throw them inside the dresser drawer or in a basket and forget about them until we need them, but this can be done in a more efficient, easy and almost methodical way. Hear me out! All of the methods below  are great ways to fold socks, but there is no best way to do it. It depends on how much time you have, how much space you have and how organized you are. 

Here are some ways that we like to do!

Folding Over the Cuff 

This is the most common way that people do it. Literally involves you folding one sock over the other, this is a favorite because it's  ”quick easy fix”.

KonMari Style or the File Fold 

The file fold or KonMari style is one of the best ways to fold socks because not only does it save on space, but it helps the sock quality last longer. Lay the socks on top of each other, starting at the toe, fold or roll the sock up to the top of the socks. Also KonMari is the Marie Kondo lifestyle, Google and you will see what we mean.

Military Style

As implied by its name, the military style way to fold socks is one where you place the bottom of the sock facing up and you roll your sock from toe to opening. Once you reach the top of the sock, hold the roll together while keeping the top layer free. Fold the top layer around the roll and tuck in any loose ends.

Cross Fold 

This is also another very specific fold that is a household favorite. However this one does take quit some time to learn but is also a sock saver.  This works best for crew or knee-high socks. The result is a very tidy square-looking fold that doesn't stretch the cuffs and helps keep the sock drawer looking especially neat.  Lay one sock on top of another so they make a cross. The bottom sock's heel should be facing up. The top sock should cross the bottom one in the middle. Hold up the bottom sock by its toe and fold it across the top sock. The cross will now look like the letter T. Tuck the toe part that extends past the top sock underneath it. Now hold the cuff of the bottom sock and fold that end also across the top sock as far as it will go. Start tucking the unfolded sock by first bringing it by the toes across the forming square. Tuck in the part that might be sticking out. Bring over the remaining long part by the cuff. Turn the folded sock square and tuck in the two cuffs that are still loose. Flatten the folded square.

Don't worry if you didn't follow along on any of the steps above, we will be having some video's on our IG page very soon, so you can learn about it through our step-by-step demo. 


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