Spring Shoe Trends in 2022

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Have you checked out all the fun bright bold colorways by different brands for this year's spring? We are also going to talk about the futuristic turn that most shoes are going. 

These are 5 styles that are trending this spring and I am sure you already have a couple of these in your closet. Just as we have seen on the runways, a lot of styles from the previous years are coming back. This can be through current designers paying homage to their predecessors


These are still hot and buzzing, with brands taking their own creative elements in the style and designs for these. World renown brands like New Balance and Asics are leading in the pack with their various dad sneaker aesthetic. Through collaborations as well, we see the different brands take on world wide markets.


Everyone is wearing these, men, women, babies. The high-top look is quite popular and is a great versatile sneaker with a lot of people wearing the Air Jordan's with leather, suits, denim the list is endless. I am sure some of you have a little collection of their own. Brands like Rhude and Converse have also tapped into this field by making variations of classics.


This is one of my ultimate favorites because it gives that precise clean look. When you think of tennis shoes you think of Stan Smith, Golden Goose among others. These are perfect for that casual dressed up look.


Who does not love a good boot. Cowboy boots, gum boots like the Kanye Balenciaga one we have seen for the past few weeks, or a simple ankle boot. You can never go wrong by pairing one of our socks with boots. 


These are the epitome of classy, and I love that brands like Prada are making them more “youthful”. With thick chunky soles that are quite popular now but also paying homage to previous designs.


An honorable mention are clogs which have snuck their way into people’s hearts and closets. These were once indoor shoes but you can spot them online and on the streets with variations and pins. I honestly think that this was the base design for the Yeezy Form Runner, but that is another conversation for another day.

So, what is your shoe preference for this spring ?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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