Summer Fashion

The sun is out and shining, summer is here and we could not be more excited about great weather and sizzling vibes. This year on the fashion front we are revisiting some trends from the past, graphic tees, patchwork denim and bright bold colors.  

Graphic Tee:

The graphic tee is one of those staples that we love to rock, think of when you go to a concert and buy a couple tees to remind you of the fun times you had at the concert. When pairing socks with this trend, the louder the better, graphic tees are meant to STAND OUT and so should your socks. Some of the socks you can rock with these are our  Pink Polka, or the Black and Gold squares

Patchwork Denim:

With the new strides in fashion, we see brands being more creative when it comes to staples and pieces. Including more designs and textures and playing around with colors. These are on trend because they represent the new generation of style enthusiasts. Get a pair of fun patchwork denim to rock this summer and after the summer. When matching socks with these pants you would want to mellow down the type of sock, best socks you can rock with these pants are our Sky Polka Dots or the Blue Calavera.

Bright Bold Colors:

Summer is all about being bright and bold. We believe that color plays a huge role in our mood and the brighter the better. Try some yellow, blue and reds this summer and see how that makes you feel when you hit the street with the heat!  Try to our bright bold socks to complement your summer, such as our Roaming Reptile or Orange Skulls.


July 16, 2022 — Fred Anyona

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