Men's Socks

Creators, stylists, and style enthusiasts are some of the influential people in the world. These are people we look up online when we want to get an outfit idea, or when we are not too sure how to rock the new pair of leather pants we just bought.

Do you have any favorite creative people we should know about? Here are some of mine and some of their outfits that I cannot wait to replicate this fall. Let us know which ones you want to try out.


 These puffer jackets are everywhere and have held a lot of the Toronto people captive. I bet you are seeing them already on the streets, and if you have not trust us, you will. Other than that, we love this outfit by Neal Jolly. This is a quick, easy outfit you can throw on. You should add a cap for ‘incognito mode” or a beanie to be more street style chic.


The cardigan is a great piece of clothing that every guy needs. From thick knits to a simple cotton cardigan, this look is one that can transcend from day to night. We love how Chris Kabeya rocks this look with a t-shirt, some black jeans, and black sneakers. For this you would just need to throw on an extra layer and you're good to go.


This is the crème de la crème of the fall looks. It doesn't get more universal than this. Overcoats are perfect pieces for the wardrobe and are great layers to all kinds of outfits and looks. For this one, we love how Fred Anyona rocked this tan overcoat with an all-black outfit. We also love the fall- inspired hair (see the image at the top for reference).

Let us know which outfits you like and which ones you will rock for this Fall!

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