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When Velvet & White were exploring fashion models in Toronto, Harjas Singh (@styledbyharj) was the first name that showed up on our google search and we were not disappointed when we connected with him for our Fall 2021 lifestyle photos.  Harjas brings a wealth of experience and insights when it comes to "all things fashion".  Let's get to know him a little bit more!


Q: Tell us a little about @styledbyharj

A: Styledbyharj is a Toronto based fashion consultant, stylist, model, and content creator. Growing up in such a dynamic and fast paced city, Harjas fed off the different cultures, personalities, and fashion to develop and embrace his own personal style.  Inspired by his surroundings and the talented people within it, he fled to social media platforms to share his take on fashion and style. To date, he has had the opportunity to walk in some major runways, including Toronto Fashion Week and collaborate with some major brands including the likes of Frank and Oak, Ben Sherman, MVMT, IKEA, and Nike Toronto. Most exciting of them all was the opportunity to star in Nordstrom Canada’s very first nation wide brand campaign with billboard and TV spots and billboards scattered throughout Canada.  Through this journey he has had the opportunity to showcase his unique and funky fashion sense, help others find creativity in their wardrobes, and inspire individuals to love what makes them different. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, has given him the ability to engage with larger audiences to break stereotypes and share his colourful and vibrant culture and identity with everyone.


Q: What’s your styling philosophy?

A: Simple with a Twist - Something that Velvet & White does very well with their variety of quality, fun and unique socks. 

It's simpler than it Seems - Many people believe that dressing well is overly complicated or a science but it really doesn't have to be. With the right fit and style to match one’s personality, you are good to go! Sometimes less is more!

Embrace Diversity and Dynamics -  Stick to specific themes or trends and look to mix and match outfits and style choices according to how you feel in the moment! 

Q: Which current trends and/or colours would you incorporate in your clothing selections for Fall/Winter 2021?

A: Fashion should be based on season or trends, for this Fall/Winter Harjas is looking forward to incorporating more corduroy into his wardrobe and adding some staple pieces with unique fabric compositions to them.


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