Men's Socks

Velvet & White had the opportunity to work with @navjotkamal recently, so we wanted to share with our readers and followers a little bit about one of Seattle's fashion model and lifestyle blogger.

Q: Tell us a little about @navjotkamal and everything in between?

A: I started my IG media outlet to share my expression, interest and experience in fashion and styles with my fellow fashion peers around the world.  During this journey I started to transform my style as I became more aware of different brands that offer unique and bold styles.  I’m going to continue making content as it’s something I love and will never go bored of the process and creativity. 

Q: What’s your styling philosophy?

A: I believe in being confident in what I wear. It's not about the name brands or wearing the most expensive outfits/footwear, but rather looking good by feeling good about what you wear. This is much more powerful and enhances your mood and takes your confidence to the next level!

Q: Which current trends and/or colours would you incorporate in your clothing selections for Fall/Winter 2021?

A: For Fall/Winter 2021, I would like to incorporate more long coats with the cold weather and layering them with a variety of colors and pieces for versatility. Since the holiday season is just around the corner, I’m going to keep an open mind about dressing to match for the season and its colours.  I’m also excited to see the new Christmas socks that Velvet & White plan to drop in the coming weeks!

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