Men's Socks

I am a firm believer of “old is gold” and that is one of the things I am passionate about especially when it comes to style and fashion. A lot of brands are bringing back trends from the distant and near past. There are some trends that are welcome, but some still need to stay buried where they belong. What are some of your favourite fashion eras? I was born in the 90s and I would honestly say that was one of the best fashion eras of all time. Remember Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Madonna, Princess Diana, Tupac? All great fashion influences of their time. Here are 5 trends that we should totally bring back. 


Oversized sweaters are perfect for fall and just having that cozy easy look. You can throw this over an undershirt or under an overshirt and get away with it. The trick to rocking an oversized sweater is having cohesion in your outfit and fit of other pieces of clothing. You do not want to end up looking like a hobo, but if you execute this look, you will look like a guy out to have a coffee date or a guy who is just comfortable to be around. 

For this look, I decided to pair the oversized sweater with another trend I would love to see more of; the dad jeans or the male version of mom jeans. ( which I will talk about next)


This is ideally one of the best things to be created , and if you follow me or hang out with me, you know that I am mostly wearing this and my flared black pants. These are comfortable and give guys enough room to breathe! Yes. These styled with the right shirt or oversized sweater will give you a retro look that is timeless. You can get these from thrifting or vintage stores , but thrifting would be a great place to start. Also what are your thoughts on thrifting? Let’s have that conversation another day. 


These are everywhere and made a strong comeback when Balenciaga decided it would be a focal point for their best sneaker, the Triple S. I love a chunky dad sneaker because they add a bit of character and most of them give you that extra height. The silhouette of the dad sneaker also makes them more comfortable than plimsolls or other regular sneakers. You can invest in these and get a pair by New Balance, Gucci or Balenciaga.

 What are some trends you would like to see come back? Drop us a comment and give us some feedback.

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