Men's Socks

You know that feeling you get when you go to someone’s house and everyone has to take off their shoes (because we are civilized human beings) and you look around to see people’s socks? Yeah, that is another form of first impressions that matters. Let’s say, I got really embarrassed because I picked up socks in a rush and picked out one of the socks that got torn up in the wash. I feel second-hand embarrassment from writing this despite it happening to me. That’s a story for another day and post. 

Back to our discussion, there is something about socks that says a lot about the person who wears them or chooses to buy them. If you're like any other man out here, you probably receive socks as gifts quite often and the other half of the time you are the one picking them out. Just as a watch and a pair of shoes can tell me more about the wearer the same way we can get a little glimpse of who you are as a person. 


You go for the bright, colourful , bold pieces that are quite “in your face” in a good way. You are not afraid of patterns and colours, you also appreciate prints and bold statements. 


You stick to things that you know: polka dots, checkered and simple designs. You go for the “structured” designs and colours. 


You love a bold print, but don't go overboard with the colours. You like a mix of bright but still things you know. Like an argyle pattern with a bit of colour. 


You stick to whites and chunky socks that you can throw away after when they get soiled. But you also appreciate other plain coloured socks. This is because we want those sneakers to shine through and not distract everyone around you. 


You choose not to wear socks sometimes, with shoes that are meant to be worn with socks. Maybe you needed them to dry off, or just because you are rebellious and unpredictable. The only thing about this is that maybe you might have to make sure you don't have sweaty smelly feet. So we would advise you to spray some foot powder to protect those toes. 

Having said that, do not be shy to express yourself, dive and indulge in the world of socks, there is  a lot out there. Check out our collections and I am sure you can find something that will resonate with you. 

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