Men's Socks

If shoes make the wearer, then surely cleverly-designed socks are the sartorial accoutrement that makes them imminently more interesting; the kind of person with whom perfect strangers are tempted to pull up a chair and share conversation over a well-built cocktail.  Mastering the care of socks is important, so that every step you take will be “Iconic every step of the way”.

Here are 7 tips and tricks to keep your socks feeling new after every wash!

  1. Make sure you got the right and left pair – Nothing is worse then sending your socks to the wash with either the left or right side missing.
  2. Flip it inside out – As you get ready to toss your socks into the laundry remember to flip them inside out to ensure everything is fully cleaned and that your socks don’t accumulate any lint that would be difficult to remove. While washing the socks, if anything within the load does happen to produce any lint then it will only be in the inside, so the outside stays fresh and lint-free.
  3. Separate your socks – Wash your dress socks separate from your everyday/sports socks so that your favorite pair doesn’t fade.
  4. Add mild/light detergent –Keep the detergent light and to the point. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Cold water + gentle washing cycle – Protect your bold colours and prevent shrinkage by using cold water and gentle washing cycle settings.
  6. Dry, the old-fashioned way – If you want your socks to last long and still stand out, air dry on a clothing rack instead of using the machine. Machine drying in heat will cause the elastic in the top to break down and stretch while also weakening the natural cotton fibers.
  7. Fold and store – Once fully dry, fold your socks and store away in your sock drawer for the next time you need them to step up your style game.

Use these simple tips to show your dress socks some love and keep them looking and feeling exquisite for ages!

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