Men's Socks

We had the opportunity to catch up with Fred Anyona - @byfredanyona

 Q: Tell our readers a little about @byfredanyona and everything in between?

A: @Byfredanyona is my Instagram handle that I use to share every element of my life and lifestyle.  My life revolves around fashion, style, food, recipes, places to be, places to visit, and just me.  I use IG as an escape to showcase my life and where I am at right now. It also serves as inspiration for different sets of people, from different walks of life.  I also leverage my social media platform to show my passion for photography and to showcase my skills behind and in front of the camera.

Q: What’s your styling philosophy?

A: My biggest styling philosophy is staying comfortable but also trying to be unique and different. I get inspired by a lot of various people, with different styles from different countries. I also look for pieces that are versatile and work with everything else I have.  If you want to learn more about my philosophies and learn more about styles, check out one of my upcoming blogs.  To explore with me, follow me on IG or Pinterest.

Q: Which current trends and/or colors would you incorporate in your clothing selections for Fall 2021?

A: For Fall 2021, I am super excited for the warm hues and tones. A lot of hunter greens, burnt orange and browns. Trend wise, I am loving the wide leg, mom jean, and dad jean vibes.

Q: What is your favorite Velvet & White sock design for this Fall?

A: The Fresh Zig Zags are out of this world; Velvet & White has stepped up the sock game and I’m proud to support a brand that is about helping people step out in style while paying respect to the planet through your sustainability pledge.

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