Men's Socks

 Let's talk about SOCKS. Love them or hate them, it's the season for them. Growing up my mother insisted that I pair them up after taking them off my feet and after taking them out from the dryer, or hanging line depending on the kind of day it was.

With fall comes the need to wear socks for your Chelsea boots, sneakers and loafers. Have you thought about what sock would look great with what boot? Let us not forget the fact that a lot of work places are slowly integrating us back to the office space and for a lot of us that means finding the right pair of socks to complement our dress pants and full suits. 

I don't know about you, but I have a drawer in my wardrobe where I have a bunch of my favourite socks and all my socks that I tend to gravitate around. These are mostly usually black or white for sneakers, however it is time for a change. One of the reasons why I LOVE Velvet and White is the fact that there is a lot of variety when it comes to their socks. Endless options and choices to pick from literally for every fashionado and/or fashionista ( yes, I see you there sister!) 

Think of this as an introduction to the brand. The creatives behind Velvet and White did not compromise on quality and design, they went all in to create  a durable, functional and relatable product that every Tom, Dick and Harry should possess. Be it determined by your mood, setting or what you have to wear, Velvet and White is the best place to pick out from. 

With my sense of fashion, I have been very vocal about being true to versatility, and by finding the right pair of socks to go with my green chukka boots, the look would be complete. Let’s talk about the days when I want to throw on that navy suit for a quick coffee meeting with my board, or I have to visit my nephews and have an easy take-out dinner with the family: that's how versatile the Velvet and White brand is. 

At the moment, let us ask you a rhetorical question, how many socks should a sane person have? How many socks do you have? Do you feel you need more? My answer is yes! YOU DO! Why? Because you can never have enough socks. 

Have you checked out the VelvetandWhite website yet? If not, check them out before some of the hot selling designs are gone.  I have a couple favourites, and I love how they divided them into styles: for my classics I like the Grey Argyle , for the geometric style, I would go for the Classic Dots any day. When it comes to the icons, I would gravitate more towards the Fresh Zig Zag, and last but not least the stripes,I love the Black Grunge, because they are quite unique and very edgy. Those are my faves, which ones are yours? Let us know by commenting here, or reaching us via DM on our socials.

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