Best Environmentally Friendly Socks

We are living in a world where we prefer to live eco-friendly lifestyles as much as possible. If you are one of them, you should be looking at ecofriendly socks as well. By wearing these socks in day-to-day life, you can be proud about the minimal environmental impact that you are creating. On top of that, they can be healthy on your feet as well. Continue to read and we will be sharing more details with you about these biodegradable socks.

What are the qualities of earth friendly socks:

There are some unique properties that you can find in the eco friendly socks available out there. Let’s deep dive and look at what those unique properties are.

Natural fibers:

Eco friendly socks are made from natural fibers. In other words, renewable resources are used for manufacturing these socks. As a result, you will be creating a positive impact on the environment as well as on your feet. These socks come along with excellent odor absorption capabilities. 

People who manufacture environmentally friendly socks are using low-impact and natural fibers, such as closed-loop bamboo and organic cotton. These natural fibers are not able to create a negative impact on the environment, even after you throw them away after using.

Recycled synthetics:

The socks eco friendly also contain recycled synthetic fabrics. They are able to offer durability along with stretch to the socks that you are using. You should double check and make sure that you are purchasing socks made from recycled materials. Then you can make sure that you are creating least impact on the environment. This will even help you to overcome problems caused by microplastics.

Organic cotton:

A considerable percentage of ecofriendly socks that you can purchase from the market are made from organic cotton. The best thing about organic cotton is that it doesn’t require synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. On the other hand, organic cotton growth would preserve the overall health of soil as well as farmers. Likewise, this specific variant of cotton can contribute towards enhancing biodiversity of the farming communities.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process:

Companies that manufacture biodegradable socks are adhering to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The traditional process of manufacturing textiles can be quite harsh on the planet that we live in. That’s because it uses lots of chemicals, water, and energy. Moreover, the process can leave behind a large amount of waste as well. However, the companies that manufacture biodegradable socks make sure that their manufacturing process creates least impact to the environment.

Non-Mulesed wool:

It is true that wool is a biodegradable and a natural material. However, there are some unethical processes followed during the wool production process. If you can stick to environmentally friendly socks, you can make sure that such non-ethical methods are followed for sourcing wool. Such companies are aware about the global standards that need to be followed at the time of protecting animal welfare. Moreover, such companies are influencing the best practices, which provides traceability and clear information to the consumers.

Final thoughts:

Now you have a clear understanding of what eco-friendly socks are all about. You can feel good about the decision that you take to purchase such socks from the market. Make sure that you also do a bit of background research about the brands that offer eco-friendly socks, so that you can learn more about their brand values. Based on that, you can spend your money to buy socks you need.  

September 20, 2022 — Prem Eswarasukumar

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